DroneLab Service

The Dronelab is a research laboratory in the field of drones prepared to carry out test flights, validation and training for any kind of professional application or research based on this technology of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The UPC infrastructure has a secure 80x45x15 meter space, segregated from the general airspace, covered by a protective net that guarantees safety.

The Dronelab has been financed by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and the Castelldefels Town Council


1. Make the registration request.
2. Once PMT validates your registration, you will receive an email with the password to access the application.
3. You can access the application at: Make a reservation.
4. To be able to make reservations, you must first purchase credits: 1 credit equals 1 hour. You must go to the menu: Purchase Credit/Purchase by transfer. Once you have made the purchase of credits, they will be available in your account within a maximum of 24 hours. 5. Once you have the available credits you can make the reservation. 6. On the day of the reservation, you must go to the security point, located at the entrance of the EETAC and identify yourself so that they give you the key to access the DroneLab.